King Django meets the Scricialists (Leech/Grover) 2003
Version City Rockers V/A: Roots of Dub Funk 3 (Tanty) 2003

King Django V/A: Give ’em The Boot 3 (Hellcat/Epitaph) 2002

Don Khumalo – De Vuelta al Ska (Stubborn Venezuela) 2001
King Django Reason (Hellcat/Epitaph) 2001
Version City Rockers Version City Dub Clash
(Stubborn/Jumpstart) 2000
Stubborn All-Stars Nex Music (Stubborn) 1999
Radiation Kings Early Years (Stubborn) 1999
Stubborn All-Stars, Skinnerbox V/A:
NYC Ska Mob & Friends (Grover, Germany) Dec ‘98
Skinnerbox Demonstration full-length CD/Cassette (Triple Crown/Stubborn) Dec ‘98
King Django King Django’s Roots & Culture (Triple Crown) ‘98
The Agents For All The Massive (Radical) Oct ‘98
Skinnerbox V/A: Ska, Punk & Disorderly (Bankshot) ‘98
Skinnerbox V/A: All Around Massive (Cole Mack) ‘98
Skinnerbox, The Lonely Boys V/A: Who’s The Man (Full Stop) ‘98
King Django, The Demanders, Selika and Django V/A: Version City (Stubborn) Dec ‘97
Rocker T & Version City Rockers Nicer By The Hour (Stubborn) Jun ‘98/(Grover, Germany) Dec. ‘98
Stubborn All-Stars Back With A New Batch (Triple Crown) Nov ‘97
Rocket From The Crypt
Skinnerbox, Stubborn All-Stars V/A: Give ‘Em The Boot (Hellcat) 1997
Skinnerbox What You Can Do, What You Can’t (Moon Ska) Apr ’97
Skinnerbox V/A: Skankaholics Anonymous (Moon Ska) Apr ‘97
Skinnerbox V/A: Big Skank Theory (Le Silence De La Rue, France) ‘97
The Usuals At Shirley & Juicy’s (No Idea) ‘97
Skinnerbox V/A: This Aren’t 2-Tone compilation CD (Too Hep) ‘96
Skinnerbox, Dunia & Django, The Stable Boys, Noah & The Arks, et al. V/A: Roots, Branch & Stem CD (Stubborn), June ‘96
Skinnerbox Special Wild 1989-1994 CD (Stubborn), May ‘96
Skinnerbox, Scofflaws V/A: Joint Ventures of Ska CD (DVS Media) May ‘96
Rancid with Stubborn All-Stars V/A: Beavis & Butthead Do America Soundtrack (Geffen) ‘96
Castillo y La Rabia V/A: Latin Ska Vol. 2 (Moon) ‘96
Django and Elwood V/A: Keep the Pressure On (Kingpin) ‘96
The Toasters Hard Band for Dead (Moon) ‘96
The Slackers Better Late Than Never (Moon) ‘96
Stubborn All-Stars V/A: Ed’s Next Move Motion Picture Soundtrack (Milan) ‘96
Stubborn All-Stars Open Season (Another Planet) ‘95
Stubborn All-Stars V/A: Spawn of Skarmageddon (Moon) ‘95
CIV Set Your Goals (Atlantic) ‘95
Die Monster Die ‘95
Skinnerbox V/A: Stay Sharp Vol. 2 (Step-1, England) June ‘95
Stubborn All-Stars Old’s Cool EP (Stubborn) ‘94
Murphy’s Law Good For Now EP (We Bite America) ‘94
Skinnerbox Sunken Treasure 4-song EP (Stubborn) July ‘94
Skinnerbox V/A: Skarmageddon CD (Moon) July ‘94
Skinnerbox Does He Love You/Right Side 7″ single (Stubborn) Dec. ‘93
Skinnerbox Tales of the Red CD/cassette (Stubborn), May ‘93
Outface Outface (Crisis/Revelation) ‘93
Skinnerbox Now & Then cassette ‘92
Skinnerbox V/A: Step on a Crack (Sound Views) ‘92
Skinnerbox V/A: NYC SKA Live LP (Moon) ‘91
Skinnerbox Instrumental Conditioning cassette ‘90
The Boilers Rockin’ Steady LP (Oi/Ska, England) ‘88
The Boilers V/A: Skaface LP (Moon) ‘88
Too True V/A: NY Beat – Hit & Run (Moon) ’85